Welcome to theTahoe Ice Arena Hockey Academy.


Focusing on the development, and improvement of a player's overall hockey skills.

General Information

Now that the team season is over it's time to get back to individual training. Our sessions are catered to the player.

  • Academy starts: Wednesdays, May 29
  • Sessions: Wednesdays and Thursdays U14
  • Duration: 1 hour sessions
  • 6 total sessions
  • Cost is $120.00

Development Details

It's all about the details and learning the fundamental aspects associated with improvement.

  • Edge Work
  • Power Skating
  • Stickhandling
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Small area games

Learning Environment

Similar to a classroom setting, the goal is to assist in the understanding and comprehension of skill development.

  • Professional coaching staff
  • Small group setting
  • Weekly feedback
  • Hockey IQ
  • Fun environment
  • Exit Meetings

Putting the Focus on Individual Development!

The goal of the Tahoe Ice Arena Hockey Academy is to provide players with an opportunity for more development time that they may need receive in a traditional practice.   Players are encouraged to push past their current limits in order to achieve new heights.  Falling down is a good thing as we want to challenge our participants to get uncomfortable in order to become more comfortable come game time. It's fun, it's work, but in the end it's all about building a more accomplished and confident hockey player.

Improvement comes from repetition and comprehension.  Our goal is to build on the foundational aspects of hockey in order to be a more confident hockey player, ready to take on the upcoming sesson.